Occasionally, BCPC holds special events in other cities or online in order to continue to expand our community outward to as many people we can reach.

BCPC NAB - April 7th - 6PM - O’Sheas/The Linq

Join us for another NAB meet-up in Las Vegas! We’ll be back on The Linq, between O’Shea’s and the Flamingo. There are several bars (and In-N-Out) nearby, and you’ll find us hanging out in the general area!



Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Fixing Post with Communication - NAB Show - 4/8 - 2PM

Join BCPC and the Birds of a Feather Program at NAB Show this year for a session on communication. Filmmaking is a team sport and communication is everything, yet departments within post tend to exist in “silos” with little effort spent or time permitted to understand the needs of others downstream. In this panel-turned-discussion, Payton List, workflow producer, Sim; Ozzie Sutherland, sound technology specialist; Pei Yu Chen, freelance stereo 3D, workflow and color specialist; Krysten Richardson, Flame Artist, and Chris Peters, Assistant Editor, will break down walls and provide advice for improved communication across post departments with high-end workflows. Attendees will gain deeper insights about how to improve or adjust the unique aspects of each phase of their own set-to-finishing workflow.

Las Vegas Convention Center N243 - Free with any Badge Access

Notable Past Special Events

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