Blue Collar Post Collective London launched in April 2018 following a successful exploratory meet-up in September 2017 combined with lots of thoughtful tea and scones. BCPC originated in Soho, New York, so it's only right that we return back to Soho, London's post scene! A time honored tradition: arguing about chroma subsampling over a pint.

Find us at the pub this month!


Come have a natter over a pint with a big, happy group of post production professionals from all genres, departments, and experience levels. We'll be upstairs! Check our Facebook events for the next date.

BCPC is dedicated to supporting emerging talent in post production and making the industry more inclusive, and we do this through regular meet-ups where "everybody knows your name" and free events. Whether you're emerging talent, an established pro, or somewhere in between, come hang out with people from ALL areas of post production and have some fun.

1 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7HG London, United Kingdom