NAB For Free: How BCPC is Eliminating Financial Barriers for Trade Shows

March 2017: An interview with PDAP creator Katie Hinsen on why the program exists, how it works, and why it's important for the future of post production. Read more at Creative COW >>

Blue Collar Post Collective Appoints Board Gains Not-For-ProfitStatus 


Two years ago, the Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC) formed in New York City. It was created by young post professionals who wanted to promote a feeling of community and camaraderie. They started small with meet-ups in local pubs, and then they grew by inviting manufactures to take part and share info about their tools. Then came tech panels. Now they are expanding further with the appointment of an executive committee, various sub­-committees and a board.

In addition, the group has also been awarded not-for-profit status as an organization, which allows the BCPC to accept funding and donations to develop additional programs that will assist low-income post pros in accessing resources.

“It is part of our mission to make sure we never charge for membership or entry to our events,” explains BCPC co-president Janis Vogel. “Although there is increasing support for freelancers and inclusivity in the film and television industry, there are still significant challenges to finding a financially sustainable career path in post production. By achieving not-for-profit status for BCPC, we are able to receive grants and funding to launch programs that directly benefit those in the post industry who need it most.”

Episode of All things post sponsored by our friends  rampant design tools

Episode of All things post sponsored by our friends rampant design tools

BCPC member Eugene Vernikov blogs from Manhattan Edit Workshop's event Sight Sound & Story

Just over a week ago, I sat it in on a number of panels at the Sight, Sound & Story event. All provided invaluable insights into the editing and creation of stories in four major sub-genres of entertainment editing — reality television, documentary, television (broadcast/streaming) and narrative.
The Sight Sound and Story event, organized by Manhattan Edit Workshop took place at the NYIT Auditorium in New York City. The first panel was on reality TV editing, which included Alanna Yudin (Ink Master, Mob Wives), Joe Schuck (Alaskan Bush People, Best Funeral Ever) and Julie “Bob” Lombardi (Teen Mom OG, Town of the Living Dead). While I’m not a huge fan of what reality TV has to offer I did find myself fascinated with the world of reality TV editors. The amount of creativity and originality they use for their edits amazed me. It was as if they could manipulate reality itself — helping create a more dramatic and interesting story.
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The growing grassroots group made up of New York-based young post professionals, the Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC), will be having its post-NAB meet-up on April 23 in Manhattan. BCPC member William Rogers (pictured above) will be at NAB in Las Vegas, blogging for both the BCPC and postPerspective. In addition to reporting what he sees at the show, Rogers will be live tweeting while in Vegas and he’s encouraging you to tweet to@BCPCollective and suggest companies and product demos to visit. Rogers will then provide feedback via social media.

Heidelberg, Germany-born and Martha’s Vineyard-raised Janis Vogel now resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, making her living editing documentaries, television documentary series, experimental films, fiction, music videos and promos. 

In addition to Vogel’s broad background, she is on the leadership committee of the Blue Collar
Post Collective, a group of young post production professionals who have been having at
first informal and now more formal meet-ups in New York City. 
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4 Feb 2015 NEW YORK — More than 60 young people from throughout New York's post production community got together last night at Amity Hall to network and celebrate the Blue Collar Post Collective's 2015 launch. The organization’s newly-appointed leadership committee of Katie Hinsen, James Reyes, Janis Vogel, Matthew Levy, Michael Hernandez and Pat Gerrity were on hand. The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots initiative, supporting the younger generation of post production professionals in New York. The group got its start in 2014 as a small social meet up group and has since grown to over 250 members. The leadership committee is working with post houses and other industry organizations to foster education and career opportunities. You can learn more at the group’s Facebook Page.

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17 Feb 2015 NEW YORK — The Blue Collar Post Collective is holding its 2015 launch party on Monday, February 23rd in New York City. The newly appointed leadership committee will be there and will detail the Collective’s plans for 2015. Members will also be on-hand, as the event is primarily social, giving young people in the post industry an opportunity to meet, network and share knowledge. The event will be held at Amity Hall (80 W.3rd Street) at 7pm. Those interested in attending can register online.

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