The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots non-profit organization, supporting emerging talent in post production.

Our goal is to foster an all-inclusive community and to provide unique opportunities for members to develop professionally. There are no prerequisites or membership fees to join the BCPC. We are a group of over 7000 post-production professionals who want to share our experiences and support each other. This appeals to those who have questions about getting started in post, people looking to advance in their careers, and professionals who want to connect with more of their peers.

The BCPC holds monthly meet-ups and organizes events focused on offering alternative educational and career development opportunities with no barriers to attend. Not only are we building networks for emerging talent, but we work to strengthen the ties between our group and the wider community, through collaborative partnerships, advocacy, social events and innovative programs.


The BCPC is FREE and welcomes all post production professionals. We have no dues or formal registration. If you work in post production and you share our vision, you're in! Our Facebook group is the main hub for events, information and support. Also follow us on Twitter for up to the minute tech and industry news and insights, as well as live tweets from important events and seminars. You can also join our email list for periodic news and updates from our industry friends and family.

E info@bluecollarpostcollective.com

BCPC Leadership

BCPC Board Members

Katie Hinsen (chair)| Head of Operations and Business Development, Department of Post, New Zealand

Monica Daniel (deputy chair) | Editor/Assistant Editor

Janis Vogel | Editor

James Reyes | Digital Lab Technician, Harbor Picture Company

Bobbie O’Steen | Film Historian and Author

Peter Amies | Online Editor and Post Production Consultant

Hillary Lewis | Post Coordinator, Texas Crew Productions

BCPC Executive Committee

BCPC NYC Committee

BCPC LA Committee and Coordinators

BCPC London Committee

Blue Collar Post Collective is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are deemed tax deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution. Our EIN is 47-5586400 and our IRS confirmation letter is available for review.

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