Blue Collar Post Collective LA launched in Los Angeles in June 2016, marking the first expansion from the New York based group since its inception. Led by then LA VP Kylee Peña (and originally titled BCPC West), the west coast edition of the group rapidly expanded to hundreds of members. #BCPCLA has held monthly meet-ups in Hollywood nearly every month since, as well as regular free educational panels with notable industry figures such as Catherine Haight ACE and Mark Hartzell, as well as people representing all aspects of post production across television, film and other media.

Next Up: May Meet-Up - 5/26 - 6PM - Saint Felix


No matter where you work in the industry, BCPC is a place you can come and meet supportive individuals who want to hang out and relax.

1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028

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Last Up: 3/31 - 2PM - BCPC LA Life Skills Field Day


We went to school, read the books, and learned the software. We did what our teachers and instructors and randos on the internet told us was best. We’ve all worked hard to get where we are, but what has been missing from our collective education?

Oh yeah, basic life skills. How do I join the union? What are quarterly taxes? How do I really get the job I want if applying for it won’t get me there? There’s so much about life in post production we aren’t taught -- from personal finance to dealing with difficult people. 

Jump ahead on your hard knocks education and join BCPC LA for a Life Skills Field Day in the Park! We’ll have three informal thirty minute break-out sessions round-robin style facilitated by BCPC community experts (and your peers) focusing on:

--Personal Finance (facilitated by Matt Christiansen and Isabel Yanes)
--Building and Maintaining Real Relationships (facilitated by Monica Daniel, Chris Visser, and Matt Latham)
--Being a Success in the Room (facilitated by Monica Salazar and Zack Arnold)

Our experts will guide the discussion and offer their own expertise and resources, but participants will also be active contributors to the conversation, allowing each session to be tailored to the experience level and job roles of the people in it. It's an open discussion sitting on blankets in a park on a warm LA day -- with snacks!

Participants are encouraged to bring some shareable snacks and their own blanket to sit on, as well as water and sunscreen. We’ll divide the group into thirds and lead you to different areas to sit and discuss, and leave time for open conversation after everyone has completed each session.

Like all BCPC events, this field day is free. No tickets are required. If you love what we do, make a donation. 

Hopefully you’ll walk away with some actionable information and a slew of new resources and connections so you can follow up on what’s most important to you! For example, arrange coffee for other people trying to get on the Industry Experience Roster! Or invite others who are figuring out incorporation and accounting over for tea. Have a beach outing for people you meet who want support in interview skills. Find a tribe, solve your problems, and share with the community!

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Notable Past Events

The VFX Pipeline in Post Production featuring VFX Editors, Producers, and Artists from The Molecule LA, as well as Colony, Guardians of the Galaxy, nationally airing commercials, and more. (Hosted by The SIM Group)

Being an Assistant Editor in Scripted Television featuring Hollywood-based assistant editors from The OA, Vice Principals, Last Man on Earth, Preacher, and more. (Hosted by The SIM Group)

Age is Just a Number: Ageism in Post Production featuring moderator Norman Hollyn leading a discussion with a technician, foley artist and Emmy-nominated editor. (Hosted by The SIM Group)

Mental Health in Post: How Are You Doing featuring post production workers from Shooter, Jane the Virgin, Empire, and a licensed marriage and family therapist. (Hosted by The SIM Group)

Making Post More Inclusive featuring post workers from shows like Scorpion, Transparent, Animal Kingdom, True Blood, and more. (Hosted by The SIM Group)