Helping grow connections between post production professionals is an important part of BCPC.

The TV and Film Production Industries are built on personal relationships. Every one of us has benefitted in one way or another from the support and guidance of a more experienced colleague.

Our philosophy is that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. BCPC is committed to organically supporting the growth of all its members through meet-ups, educational events, and a growing center of shared and accessible knowledge.

Previously, BCPC paired people together in an official capacity. This is no longer the goal of this program. Instead, we seek to make mentorship more accessible and broadly applicable to everyone in post production. 

Reach out to any committee members directly for general advice on the industry and being a good mentor/mentee. Casually connect with potential mentors or mentees in person. And watch this space for the industry's first collection of knowledge relating to life skills in post production.