The BCPC Mentor Program has one simple goal: to help grow connections between post production professionals.

The TV and Film Production Industries are built on personal relationships. Every one of us has benefited in one way or another from the support and guidance of a more experienced colleague. It is our mission to help guide members in a way that fosters growth and promotes ongoing communication between them.

The Mentor Program is currently undergoing changes as it grows to become a valuable resource for mentors and mentees in our industry. While the pairing aspect of the program is on indefinite hiatus, we will soon have a host of resources and newly formed program from which people in any level of their careers can benefit.

Our philosophy is that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. The BCPC is committed to supporting the growth of all its members and the Mentor Program is an extension of that commitment. A strong Post Production Industry benefits all of us.

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