The BCPC Mentor Program has one simple goal: to make connections between Post Production professionals.

The TV and Film Production Industries are built on personal relationships. Every one of us has benefited in one way or another from the support and guidance of a more experienced colleague. It is our mission to connect members in a way that fosters growth and promotes ongoing communication between them. We are fortunate to have an incredibly talented and diverse group of professionals who have already volunteered to be a part of the program. Your participation can help us take it to the next level.

The Mentor Program pairs members based on interest and experience. Mentors and mentees can be at any level of their careers, and we encourage participants to hold both positions as many times as they’d like. No matter what an individual's current title is, they are likely to have a wealth of other experience that can be helpful to others. Once paired, the participants design the style of the mentorship themselves. This can take the form of in-person meetings, email or phone calls, sharing work samples, etc. We also believe in two-way mentoring: mentors are encouraged to learn from their mentees as well as vice-versa. With new technology changing the game every day, members with more traditional industry experience can still learn a lot from emerging talent. Our philosophy is that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.

The BCPC is committed to supporting the growth of all its members and the Mentor Program is an extension of that commitment. A strong Post Production Industry benefits all of us. Sign up today or send us an email at to help make that a reality.